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Professional Pest Control Services in Leeds

Pestinator is a reliable, experienced and expert provider of pest control services in Leeds. We deal with various kinds of pest infestations in commercial and private domestic properties. In addition to treating the pest infested areas, the pest extermination experts focus on preventing further infestations as well. You are able to choose between a one-off pest treatment or a guaranteed extermination that includes 2 follow-up visits for up to 100% effective elimination.

The pest controllers who work with Pestinator follow 4 simple steps that guarantee a successful eradication of any pest infestation in commercial and domestic properties in Leeds:

  1. The technicians conduct a full property inspection to determine the cause and level of the infestation. This helps to choose the best pesticides for a complete pest eradication;
  2. Advanced technology, licensed pesticides and pest control techniques are used during the job for maximum safety;
  3. Pest proofing is available upon further request. Further pest infestations from that place become highly unlikely;
  4. After exterminating the pest, helpful advice is always provided to our customers by the specialists.

Call us for rat control, mice control, bed bugs treatment, wasp nest removal, cockroach control and other types of pest extermination, our customer care centre is available 24/7.

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The pest control technicians are experienced and trained to provide 100% efficiency of the services we provide. They will deal with the pest in a quick and safe manner.

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I sublet two flats and always have them inspected after a tenant leaves. I wasn’t very content with the company I used before and recently I found and tried yours. The exterminators were competent and meticulous, plus the price was reasonable. Will call again for sure.

Dustin Harding

Just last week I booked a treatment with you. I just wanted to come and write a few words about it. The people who came were nice and very chatty. We talked a bit and they gave me some great advice for pest infestations. They seemed to enjoy their work a lot and did a good job at my place.

Derek Pearce

The booking process was very easy thanks to the girl on the phone. We had our entire floor inspected and were lucky to be clean. We will use the company again, the prices and the servicing was good

Alice Fields